Essential role in coagulation, which is required for healing

Malnutrition; use of broad-spectrum antibiotics [142,143,169-175]; critically ill, burn, and oncologypatients [169,176]; renal or liver disease; elderly; long-term total parenteral nutrition; cystic fibrosis [177]

Infants: 5-10 mg (orally or intramuscularly

0-6 months, 2.0* jo/d; 1-3 times weekly in high-risk 7-12 months, 2.5* yld patients) [142,143]


Males: 9-13 yr, 60* yfd; 14-18 yr, 75* yjd; 19-30 yr, 120* yfd; 31-50 yr, 120* y/d; 50-70 yr, 120* y/d; >70 yr, 120* yJd Females: 9-13 yr, 60* y/d; 14-18 yr, 75* yJd; 19-30 yr, 90* yjd; 31-50 yr, 90* yJd; 50-70 yr, 90* yjd; > 70 yr, 90* yjd Pregnancy:

< 18 yr, 75* jj/d; 19-30 yr, 90* yjd; 31-50 yr, 90* yJd


< 18 yr, 75* jj/d; 19-30 yr, 90* yjd; 31-50 yr, 90* yJd

Note: The table (adapted from the DRI reports, www.nap.edu) presents recommended dietary allowances (RDAs) in bold type and adequate intakes (AIs) in ordinary type followed by an asterisk (*).

Vitamin K exists naturally in two forms: Kx or K2; Kx is found in plants; K2is synthesized by certain bacteria in the GI tract; leafy green vegetables (collards, kale, cabbage, brussel sprouts, lettuce, spinach, broccoli) and some plant oils (soybean, canola, and olive oil) provide the best source in the diet; fruits and grains contain small amounts of Kx c/5 O

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