Chapter 1 Overview of Nutrition and Wound Healing 1

Joseph A. Molnar

Chapter 2 Carbohydrates and Wound Healing 15

Carol Ireton-Jones and George U. Liepa

Chapter 3 Fat and Wound Healing 27

John J. Turek

Chapter 4 Protein and Wound Healing 49

Maggie L. Dylewski and Yong-Ming Yu

Chapter 5 Glutamine and Wound Healing 65

Mark B. Schoemann, C. Dustin Bechtold, Shefali Agarwal, and Christopher W. Lentz

Chapter 6 Arginine and Wound Healing 87

Vanita Ahuja, Majida Rizk, and Adrian Barbul

Chapter 7 B Vitamins and Wound Healing 99

George U. Liepa, Carol Ireton-Jones, Hemendra Basu, and Charles R. Baxter

Chapter 8 Vitamin C and Wound Healing 121

Hideharu Tanaka and Joseph A. Molnar

Chapter 9 Fat-Soluble Vitamins and Wound Healing 149

Michele M. Gottschlich

Chapter 10 Trace Elements and Wound Healing 173

Thomas G. Baumgartner

Chapter 11 Nutrition and Wound Healing in Burns, Trauma, and Sepsis 219

Corilee A. Watters, Edward E. Tredget, and Carmelle Cooper

Chapter 12 Nutrition and Wound Healing in Cancer 261

Perry Shen and Shayn Martin

Chapter 13 Nutrition and Wound Healing at the Age Extremes 301

Hannah G. Piper, Tom Jaksic, and Patrick J. Javid

Chapter 14 Pharmacologic Manipulation of the Healing Wound:

The Role of Hormones 327

Robert H. Demling

Index 353

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