Introduction 66

Metabolism in the Whole Body 67

Glutamine Transports Ammonia in Blood 67

Intercellular Glutamine Cycle of the Liver 68

Glutamine Plays a Critical Role in Acid-Base Regulation 69

Gluconeogenesis during a Fasting State Requires

Glutamine from Skeletal Muscle 70

Glutamine Is Essential for Cells of the Immune System 70

Metabolism of Glutamine in Other Organs 71

Glutamine Is the Precursor to Purines and Pyrimidines 71

Glutamine and Its Relation to Glutathione, a Powerful Antioxidant 72

Glutamine Is the Preferred Fuel of the Gut 72

Glutamine and Taurine 73

Metabolism in the Healing Wound 73

Local Wound Healing 73

Gastrointestinal Tract 74

Liver and Pancreas 75

Immune System 76

Skeletal Muscle 76

Lung 77

Glutamine Deficiency 77

Glutamine Excess 80

Recommendations 81

Future Directions 81

References 82

Selected Readings 86

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