Special Medications Acute Therapy

-KCL 20-40 mEq in 100 cc saline infused IVPB over 2 hours; or add 40-80 mEq to 1 liter of IV fluid and infuse over 4-8 hours.

-KCL 40 mEq PO tid (in addition to IV); max total dose 100-200 mEq/d (3 mEq/kg/d). Chronic Therapy:

-KCL elixir 1-3 tablespoon qd-tid PO after meals (20 mEq/Tbsp of 10% sln) OR

-Micro-K 10 mEq tabs 2-3 tabs PO tid after meals (40-100 mEq/d) OR -K-Dur 20 mEq tabs 1 PO bid-tid. Hypokalemia with metabolic acidosis:

-Potassium citrate 15-30 mL in juice PO qid after meals (1 mEq/mL). -Potassium gluconate 15 mL in juice PO qid after meals (20 mEq/15 mL).

9. Extras: ECG, dietetics consult.

10. Labs: CBC, magnesium, SMA 7&12. UA, urine Na, pH, 24h urine for K, creatinine.

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