2. Diagnosis: Hypophosphatemia

3. Condition:

4. Vital signs: qid

5. Activity: Up ad lib

6. Nursing: Inputs and outputs.

7. Diet: Regular diet.

8. Special Medications:

Mild to Moderate Hypophosphatemia (1.0-2.2 mg/dL):

-Sodium or potassium phosphate 0.25 mMoles/kg in 150-250 mL of NS or

D5W at 10 mMoles/h. -Neutral phosphate (Nutra-Phos), 2 tab PO bid (250 mg elemental phosphorus/tab) OR

-Phospho-Soda 5 mL (129 mg phosphorus) PO bid-tid. Severe Hypophosphatemia (<1.0 mg/dL):

-Na or K phosphate 0.5 mMoles/kg in 250 mL D5W or NS, IV infusion at 10 mMoles/hr OR

-Add potassium phosphate to IV solution in place of maintenance KCL; max IV dose 7.5 mg phosphorus/kg/6h.

10. Labs: Phosphate, SMA 7&12, Mg, calcium, UA.

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