Extended Interval Gentamicin and Tobramycin Dosing

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Estimate the glomerular filtration rate as follows:

Estimated GFR (mL/min) = (140 - age) x ideal weight in kg for males 72 x serum creatinine (mg/dL)

Estimated GFR (mL/min) = (140 - age) x ideal weight in kg for females 85 x serum creatinine (mg/dL)

Extended Interval Gentamicin/Tobramycin Therapy

GFR (mL/min)

Gentamicin/Tobramycin Dosage Frequency


7 mg/kg every 24 hours


7 mg/kg every 36 hours


7 mg/kg every 48 hours


Extended interval not recommended

Each dose is administer over 60 minutes. Therapeutic range is a peak level of 20-30 mcg/mL and a trough level of <1.0 mcg/mL (during the 4 hours before the next dose). Monitor renal function and hearing status.

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