I am grateful to be able to bring you the first edition of Pediatrics On Call. The "on-call" series of which this book is a part is based on a concept applied by Tricia Gomella, MD, in her book, Neonatology: Basic Management, On Call Problems, Diseases, and Drugs. The books in this series reflect how clinicians typically approach and manage patients; that is, patients usually present with a specific complaint or problem, which necessitates an evaluation and action rather than a specific diagnosis. Pediatrics On Call is designed to aid the practitioner and serve as a learning resource to housestaff and students, enabling them to better understand medical conditions in children and provide the necessary tools to initiate the evaluation and care of these young patients.

It would be remiss not to acknowledge those who have made this book possible. The staff at McGraw-Hill, especially Janet Foltin and Donna Frassetto, have been supportive and patient. All three associate editors, Drs. Callahan, Gartner, and Bradford, have devoted significant effort as well as endless attention to detail to ensure academic integrity. The contributors have provided medical expertise and insight while giving up valuable personal time. And finally I must acknowledge and thank our pediatric patients, who have been our teachers through the years.

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