Mycoplasma serology

13. Biopsy of lung and bronchoalveolar lavage. In immunocompromised patients to rule out opportunistic infection and pneu-mocystitis.

V. Plan. Management is tailored to the specific diagnosis.

A. Antibacterial Treatment. Has little effect on cough in patients with Mycoplasma or pertussis.

Bronchodilators. Anti-inflammatory Agents. Antihistamine. For patients with postnasal drip. Cough Suppressants. Act by depressing the central component of the cough reflex. Anticipate CNS and respiratory depression.

1. Contraindicated in very young children, suppurative lung disease, or other conditions with increased sputum production.

2. May be indicated for dry, irritative cough with posttussive emesis, exhaustion, or insomnia.

3. Codeine, 1 mg/kg/day for a total of < 60 mg/day. Lethal dose is 7-14 mg/kg. Codeine should not be given to infants younger than 6 months of age because primary route of inactivation is glucuronization (histamine releaser).

4. Effectiveness of over-the-counter cough suppressants is controversial.

5. Antihistamine (eg, diphenhydramine) is an effective cough suppressant but causes drowsiness.

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