MgdL in infants and young children

1. Dietary replacement. Milk contains 1 g inorganic phosphate per liter. Avoid low-phosphate formulas (Similac PM 60/40) or breast milk as replacement.

2. Enteral supplements. Potassium phosphate can be given as an oral supplement at a dose of 250-750 mg q6h, depending on body size. Commonly available supplements are Neutra

Phos or K-Phos Neutral, which come as 250-mg tablets, capsules, or packets. Contents can be diluted with 75 mL water or taken with food. Monitor calcium to avoid hypocalcemia. Watch for diarrhea. Phosphosoda (Fleet Phosphosoda) can be given orally or as an enema at a dose of 15-30 mL three to four times daily.

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