Is there a family history of hypernatremia and dehydration particularly in males due to dehydration in early infancy

Congenital nephrogenic diabetes insipidus is inherited as an X-linked recessive (most common), autosomal-recessive, or autosomal-dominant disorder. The X-linked form manifests in males, with females expressing variable degrees of polyuria and polydipsia. Although the disorder is present at birth, infants are diagnosed when they manifest hypo-osmolar urine in the face of dehydration, hypernatremia, vomiting, and fever. Some infants have FTT and mental retardation as a result of frequent episodes of dehydration and hypernatremia.

J. Is there a laboratory error? Presence of hypernatremia in the absence of pertinent history and physical findings may suggest a laboratory error. It may be prudent to repeat the test.

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Diabetes 2

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