Is this an acute or chronic problem

1. Acute diarrhea. Usually a self-limited disease, which can often be treated symptomatically. The most common cause is infection. Other common causes include drugs (eg, antibiotics) as well as excessive intake of high-carbohydrate fluids or non-absorbable fillers (eg, sorbitol).

2. Chronic diarrhea. Defined as diarrhea that lasts longer than 4 weeks. Common causes include chronic, nonspecific diarrhea (toddler's diarrhea), lactose intolerance, milk-protein allergy, encopresis, irritable bowel syndrome, various infections, drugs, and IBD. It can present with an acute exacerbation.

E. Are there risk factors that suggest a specific cause? Risk factors include day care, winter season, ill contacts, drugs, travel, animal exposure, constipation, excessive juice intake, poorly prepared or stored poultry or salads, untreated water sources, prior abdominal surgery, immunodeficiency, and prematurity.

F. Is there associated vomiting? Small bowel processes, most commonly associated with viral agents, cause delayed gastric emptying and luminal distention, often leading to vomiting before the onset of diarrhea. Vomiting increases risk of significant dehydration.

G. Associated abdominal pain? Absence of pain makes inflammatory causes such as ulcerative colitis less likely. Malabsorption presents with diarrhea, abdominal pain, flatulence, and greasy stools without concurrent fever.

H. What is the volume of stool? Small bowel conditions tend to produce large-volume, watery stools that are relatively infrequent. Conversely, large bowel involvement, usually due to a bacterial-induced inflammatory process, tends to produce frequent, less watery stools.

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