Radiographic and Other Studies

1. Abdominal x-ray. To detect dilated rectum or megacolon, evidence of obstruction, or stool impaction. It is normal to see some stool in colon.

2. Barium enema. Unprepped is useful in Hirschsprung disease; prepped, for intestinal structural defects; but not commonly used.

3. Rectal biopsy. To rule out Hirschsprung disease and other neuromuscular disorders.

4. Anal manometry. Unnecessary for diagnosis of most cases.

V. Plan. Goals include relieving impaction, softening stool, and retraining patient to have regular, painless bowel movements.

A. Parental Education. Imperative for successful treatment of functional constipation. Long-term treatment is often required, and relapse is common. Discuss social and emotional impact of enco-presis.

B. Dietary Changes. These changes alone are not successful in most cases. Increase fiber and fluids, and limit milk intake to 8-16 oz/day in patients older than 1 year of age.

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