Laboratory Data

1. Peripheral smear. Review of smear is important to rule out pseudothrombocytopenia. Large platelets may be seen with destructive thrombocytopenia, especially ITP. RBC abnormalities may be seen in DIC or microangiopathic disease. Blasts may be seen in peripheral smear in leukemia.

2. Coagulation studies. Abnormal PT, PTT, and fibrinogen may be consistent with DIC.

3. HIV test. Isolated thrombocytopenia may be an early sign of HIV

4. ANA. May be positive in SLE or other collagen vascular diseases.

5. BUN and creatinine. Renal failure can be seen in hemolytic uremic syndrome, sepsis, DIC, and TTP.

6. Immunoglobulins. IgA deficiency may influence selection of an immunoglobulin product to treat ITP.

7. Bone marrow biopsy. May be vital to confirm destructive versus decreased production problem.

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