Xanthelasma Definition

Local fat metabolism disorder that produces lipoprotein deposits. These are usually bilateral in the medial canthus.

Ductal cyst.

Ductal cyst.

Milia Millium Testiculos
Fig. 2.20 The round cysts of the glands of Moll are usually located in the angle of the eye. The weight causes temporary ectropion.

Epidemiology: Postmenopausal women are most frequently affected. A higher incidence has also been observed in patients with diabetes, increased levels of plasma lipoprotein, or bile duct disorders.

Symptoms: The soft yellow white plaques are sharply demarcated. They are usually bilateral and distributed symmetrically (Fig. 2.21). Aside from the cosmetic flaw, the patients are asymptomatic.

Neuropathie Optique
Fig. 2.21 The fatty deposits are often symmetrically distributed in the medial canthus.

Treatment and prognosis: The plaques can only be removed surgically. The incidence of recurrence is high.

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