❖ Congenital ptosis: This involves surgical retraction of the upper eyelid (Fig.2.5a-c), which should be undertaken as quickly as possible when there is a risk of the affected eye developing a visual impairment as a result of the ptosis.

❖ Acquired ptosis: Treatment depends on the cause. As palsies often resolve spontaneously, the patient should be observed before resorting to surgical intervention. Conservative treatment with special eyeglasses may be sufficient even in irreversible cases.

Because of the risk of overcorrecting or undercorrecting the disorder, several operations may be necessary.

Prognosis and complications: Prompt surgical intervention in congenital ptosis can prevent amblyopia. Surgical overcorrection of the ptosis can lead to desiccation of the conjunctiva and cornea with ulceration as a result of incomplete closure of the eyelids.

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