The Concept of the Book in Brief

Definition: The concept behind this book was to organize content and layout according to a uniform structure. This enhances the clarity of the presentation and allows the reader to access information quickly. Each chapter has its own header icon, which is shown on every page of the chapter. Figure headings summarize the key information presented in the respective figure, eliminating the need for the reader to read through the entire legend.

Epidemiology: In the absence of precise epidemiologic data, the authors state whether the disorder is common or rare wherever possible.

Etiology: This section usually combines information about the etiology and pathogenesis of a disorder and in so doing helps to illuminate important relationships.

Symptoms and diagnostic considerations: These items are usually discussed separately. The section on symptoms includes only the phenomena with which the patient presents. How and by which methods the examiner proceeds from these symptoms to a diagnosis is only discussed under diagnostic considerations.

Sections highlighted with an exclamation mark contain important facts. These may be facts that one is often required to know for examinations, or they may be practical tips that are helpful in diagnosing and treating the disorder.

Differential diagnosis: Wherever possible, this section discusses not only other possible diagnoses but also important criteria for differentiating the disorder from others.

Treatment: This section goes beyond merely documenting all possible therapeutic options. It also explains which therapeutic measures are advisable and offer a prospect of success. The discussion of medical treatment occasionally includes dosage information and examples of preparations used. This is done where such information is relevant to cases students will encounter in practice. The trade names specified do not represent a comprehensive listing.

Prognosis and clinical course: The further development of the book depends in no small measure on your criticism. We are happy to receive any suggestions for improvements as this will help us tailor the next edition to better suit yor needs. Please use the enclosed postcard.

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