Testing Binocular Vision

Bagolini test: This test uses flat lenses with fine parallel striations. The stria-tions spread light from a point source into a strip. The lenses are mounted in the examination eyeglasses in such a manner that the strips of light form a diagonal cross in patients with intact binocular vision. The patient is asked to

— Ophthalmoscopic examination of fixation.

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Fig. 17.10 1 = foveal fixation; 2 = parafoveal fixation; 3 = macular fixation; 4 = paramacular fixation; 5 and 6 = eccentric fixation.

describe the pattern of the strips of light while looking at the point source. Patients who describe a cross have normal simultaneous vision. Patient who see only one diagonal strip of light are suppressing the image received by the respective fellow eye.

Lang's test: This test may be used to determine depth perception in infants. A card depicts various objects that the child only sees if it can perceive depth.

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