Developmental Anomalies of the Lens

Anomalies of lens shape are very rare. Lenticonus is a circumscribed conical protrusion of the anterior pole (anterior lenticonus) or posterior pole (posterior lenticonus). A hemispherical protrusion is referred to as lentiglobus. Symptoms include myopia and reduced visual acuity. Some patients with Alport's syndrome (kidney disease accompanied by sensorineural hearing loss and anomalies of lens shape) have anterior lenticonus. Posterior lenticonus may be associated with a lens opacity (Fig. 7.6). Treatment is the same as for congenital or juvenile cataract.

Microphakia refers to a lens of abnormally small diameter. Any interruption of the development of the eye generally leads to microphakia. This can occur for example in Weill-Marchesani syndrome (see Table 7.5).

170 7 Lens — Posterior lenticonus.

Fig. 7.6 Conical protrusion of the posterior pole, here associated with a posterior subcapsular opacity.
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