Congenital Ocular Melanosis

Benign congenital melanosis (Fig.4.24d) is subepithelial in the episclera.The conjunctival epithelium is not involved. Pigmentation is bluish gray. In contrast to acquired melanosis, congenital melanosis remains stable and stationary throughout the patient's lifetime. In contrast to nevi and acquired melanosis, congenital melanosis remains stationary when the conjunctiva above it is moved with forceps. Congenital ocular melanosis can occur as an isolated anomaly of the eye or in association with skin pigmentations (oculodermal melanosis or Ota's nevus). Although the tumor is benign, evidence suggests that malignant melanomas in the choroid occur more frequently in patients with congenital melanosis.

Discarding Negative Habits

Discarding Negative Habits

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