Treatment Requiring ROP

In the multicenter cryotherapy study for treatment of acute ROP (ICROP), threshold, i.e., treatment requiring ROP, was defined as stage 3 plus disease in zone II or zone I with at least 5 continuous clock hours or at least 8 cumulative clock hours of stage 3 disease, i.e., extraretinal proliferations (Table 5.2, Fig. 5.1b) [9]. Using this criterion, a favorable functional outcome at îyear was achieved in 73% of zone II disease eyes, and in 12% of zone I disease eyes, compared to 46% of zone II disease eyes that were not treated, and 6% zone I disease eyes that were not treated [12]. Despite this considerable success compared to the natural history, the number of unfavorable outcomes was still high.

Fig. 5.1. a Classification of acute ROP according b Definition of threshold disease, with permission to the International Committee for the Classification from Archives of Ophthalmology [11] of Retinopathy of Prematurity [9, 28]. Zones I—III.

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