Management of Stationary Retinal Dysfunction Syndromes

The stationary retinal dysfunction syndromes are currently not amenable to any form of treatment. However, all patients and their families benefit from genetic counselling, educational and occupational advice, and supportive measures such as the provision of appropriate spectacle correction and low vision aids, and the treatment of concurrent ocular problems such as myopia or cataracts.

Photophobia is often a prominent symptom in the cone disorders and therefore tinted spectacles or contact lenses may be beneficial to patients,in terms of both improved comfort and vision. For example, red contact lenses have been suggested to successfully alleviate photophobia in patients with cone disorders [33].

Advances in molecular biology have led to the identification of many of the causative genetic mutations, which should offer new therapeutic prospects. In the stationary retinal dysfunction syndromes, histopathological or high resolution in vivo microscopy data are often not yet available; however, the evidence to date suggests that photoreceptor cells remain present in these disorders, and could therefore potentially be targeted in the future with directed gene therapy.

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