Kaposi's Sarcoma

Kaposi's sarcoma, described above under eyelid tumors, can also occur in the conjunctiva in patients with acquired immune deficiency syndrome. In the conjunctive, it appears as a diffuse red mass that may be mistaken for a hemorrhagic conjunctivitis.

• Most conjunctival tumors in children are benign

• The majority of conjunctival tumors in children are pigmented or nonpigmented nevi

• Conjunctival nevi often manifest intrale-sional cysts

• Conjunctival nevi rarely evolve into melanoma (<1%)

• Episcleral melanocytosis is a sign of possible uveal melanocytosis and all affected eyes should be dilated once or twice a year, as there is a small risk for uveal melanoma

• Conjunctival papillomas can be treated with observation, cryotherapy, topical chemotherapy or interferon, and oral cimetidine

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