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In one series, 15% of 34 children with rheg-matogenous retinal detachment had a history of inflammatory or infectious disease in the eye with the detachment [44]. Acute retinal necrosis, characterized by anterior uveitis, occlusive retinal vasculitis and progressive peripheral retinal necrosis, occurs primarily in nonim-munocompromised adults as a result of reactivated herpes simplex or varicella zoster virus infection. The risk of retinal detachment is high, reported to be between 25 % and 75 % and due to retinal breaks, usually following posterior vitreous detachment after the acute phase is over. Although less common, it has been reported to occur in children [6].

Ocular involvement in paediatric AIDS patients has been reported in 50 %, 33 % having CMV retinitis and 17% retinal detachment [3].

Although uncommon, bilateral serous retinal detachment in Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada may affect young children, and has been reported in children as young as 4 years old [8].

Ocular toxocariasis is a rare cause of retinal detachment, usually tractional, associated with a peripheral granuloma.

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