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The eye findings of LCMV described in the US literature (17 cases), 14 with eye findings described (28 eyes), are listed in Table 13.2 [50]. The most common finding is chorioretinal scars in the periphery (20 eyes) (Fig. 13.6). Macular chorioretinal scars were the second most prevalent findings (ten eyes) and in five of these eyes there was also peripheral scarring. Optic atrophy was seen bilaterally in three patients,but always in association with extensive chorioretinal scars and therefore it may be secondary to the scarring. Nystagmus was present in three cases, but that along with esotropia and exotropia, each in one patient, is probably secondary to the visual loss due to the chorioretinal scarring. The cataract and microphthalmia were seen in the same eye.

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