Case 9-11- Healed Cytomegalovirus Retini

Clinical Summary

A 36-year-old HIV+ man with a history of cytom lovinis (CMV) retinitis over the past two years no tic continued loss of his peripheral vision in the right eye several months prior to examination. His best corre visual acuity on examination was 20/60. Dilated fui examination (A) of this eye showed healed CMV reti superiorly affecting almost half the retina.

Optical Coherence Tomography

A vertical OCT image (B) through fixation der strated a well-defined region of retinal atrophy sup* to the center. The retina was severly thinned in this i and increased reflectivity was observed in the choroid to fibrosis and scarring, and enhanced penetration o probe beam through the overlying retina. The normal tour of the fovea was absent.

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