Case 5-1. Branch Retinal Vein Occlusion and Macular Edema Before and After Treatment

Clinical Summary

A 64-vear-old woman with a history of branch retinal

vein occlusion four years ago in her right eve was referred for decreasing visual acuity in this eye over a period of four weeks- The visual acuitv was 20/50. Indirect ophthalmoscopy (A) showed a narrowing of an inferotemporal branch retinal vein with collateral vessels throughout the macula. Venous dilation, severe arteriovenous nicking, and several blot hemorrhages were also noted. Multiple collateral vessels and late leakage from dilated microvascular segments were observed in the inferior macula on fluorescein angiography' (BL A focal constriction was also seen in the inferotemporal branch artery. /

Optical Coherence Tomography

A vertical OCT tomogram (C) taken through the fovea showed significant fluid accumulation in the outer retinal layers of the inferior macula. The retinal thickness was measured to be 600 urn at the fovea! boundary.

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