Case 3-25. Vitreomacular Traction Before and After Vitrectomy

Clinical Summary

An 83-year-old woman was referred for worsening vision in her left eye. Dilated fundus examination (A) revealed a very shallow, incomplete posterior vitrous separation and an area of thickened posterior hyaloid overlying the macula. A small epiretinal membrane was also noted. The patient's visual acuity in this eye was 20/200 which improved to 20/100 through a pinhole. The clinical diagnosis was vitreomacular traction syndrome with epiretinal membrane formation.

Optical Coherence Tomography

A linear OC 1 tomogram (B) acquired through the macula delineated a foveal disruption associated with an incomplete detachment of the posterior v itreous. The posterior hyaloid membrane appeared as two lightly reflective bands anterior to the retina which exhibited traction on the fovea, A thin membrane on the retinal surface was also observed temporal to the fovea consistent with the epiretinal membrane noted on clinical examination.

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