Case 12-17 continued

Clinical Summary

The patient's left eye had a visual acuity of 20/25 and an intraocular pressure of 11 mm Hg. The anterior segment examination was normal except for 2+ nuclear sclerotic cataracts. The angle was wide open to the ciliary body band through 360°. Marked cupping of the disc was noted on funduscopic examination (F7G), with complete atrophy of the neuroretinal rim inferotemporally. A dense superior arcuate scotoma splitting fixation was also noted in this eye on the Humphrey visual field (I),

Optical Coherence Tomography

A virtual absence of nerve fibers was observed infer-otcmporally at 5:00 in the circular OCT tomogram (J) corresponding to the area of visual field loss. A narrow, focal notch in the nerve fiber layer was seen superiorly, and did not coincide with a clinically detectable visual field defect.

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