Case 12-20 continued

Clinical Summary

The patient s left eye had an intraocular pressure of 16 mm Hg and a visual acuity of 20/30. Gonioscopy revealed that the angle was open to the ciliary body band with a narrowed inlet. 2+ nuclear sclerosis of the crystalline lens was also observed. Dilated fundus examination (F,G) showed moderate to marked optic disc cupping and a severely attenuated temporal neuroretinal rim. The Humphrey visual field (I) again displayed loss of peripheral vision with only a central island of vision remaining.

Optical Coherence Tomography

The 3.4 mm diameter OCT image (J) revealed diffuse, severe loss of the nerve fiber layer thickness throughout the image. The thinning was somewhat less marked inf-erotemporally at 5:00. Note that the thinning was more severe in the right than the left eye, consistent with degree of visual field loss.

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