Central Serous Chorioretinopathy

Case 7-1 continued

Follow-up Examination

The patient returned for a follow-up visit six weeks later with no improvement in visual acuity. Slit-lamp examination revealed that the serous elevation had decreased since the previous visit. A repeat OCT tomogram (D) taken at this time confirmed the decrease in subretinal fluid accumulation. The height of the detachment was measured to be 120 ¬°urn directly beneath the fovea. On follow-up examination another two months later, the patient noted a decrease in the size of the scotoma in his left eye, and his visual acuity had returned to 20/20, No remaining sub-retinal fluid was observed on indirect ophthalmoscopy. A third horizontal OCT image (E) taken through the fovea showed that the detachment had completely resolved directly beneath the fovea. However, a residual region of fluid accumulation remained temporal to the fovea.



Log Reflection

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