Case 3-5. Stage 3 Macular Hole with Operculum

Clinical Summary

A 66-vear-old woman had a full-thickness macular hole in her left eye with a large surrounding cuff of sub-retinal fluid (A). Her visual acuity was 20/300 with a positive Watzke's sign.

Optical Coherence Tomography

A horizontal OCT section (B) taken through the macula illustrated a classic Stage 3 hole with a large operculum situated approximately 800 (im in front of the retina. The A

diameter of the hole was measured to be about 430 fim at its minimum point in the image. The surrounding neurosensory retina exhibited both a large halo of retinal detachment and decreased reflectivity in the outer retinal layers corresponding to cystic changes and fluid accumulation. A significant increase in the retinal thickness surrounding the hole was apparent, which reached a maximum of 480 (im in the tomogram.



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