Case 9-7* Acute Toxoplasmosis Chorioretinitis

Clinical Summary

A 69-year-old man had noticed a blurry spot in his left eye over the three weeks prior to evaluation. On examination his visual acuity was 20/50. Slit-lamp biomicroscopy (A) revealed mild posterior vitreous cells and debris, and an area of outer retinal whitening just superior to and involving the fovea, A presumptive clinical diagnosis of toxoplasmosis retinitis was made.

Optical Coherence Tomography

A horizontal tomogram (B) acquired through the superior fovea and lesion demonstrated a focal area of increased intraretinai backscattering corresponding to the retinitis observed on biomicroscopy. The retina was slightly thinned in this area. The superficial layers of the retina appeared to be preferentially involved consistent with the propensity of toxoplasmosis tissue cysts to develop in these layers.

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