Richter (1992) isolated 1D-1-O-methyl-muco-inositol, a derivative of O-methylinositol widely distributed in higher plants, from Viscum album. Increasing amounts of this cyclitol were found during the cold season, suggesting a possible role as an cryoprotectant. The concentration of 1D-1-O-methyl-muco-inositol in the leaves of the plant grown on Crataegus monogyna, is up to 7% of dry weight during March as compared to 4% in July. Many inositol derivatives including 1D-1-O-methyl ethers inhibit the interaction of ML with galactosyl compounds (Pfüller, unpublished results). Other sugar alcohols detected were mannitol, quebrachitol, pinitol and viscumitol (Richter, 1992; Richter and Popp, 1992).

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