Phenylpropanoids are related with flavonoids by the same biogenetic pathway. The most common phenylpropanoids, also known as cinnamic acid derivatives, are caffeic acid, ferulic acid and sinapic acid, which are found in Viscum album together with their degradation products, protocatechuic acid, syringic acid, vanillic acid, anisic acid and gentisic acid (Wagner et al, 1984, 1986; Fukanaga et al, 1987). From the leaves and stems of Viscum album L., syringenin-4'-O-glucoside (syringin), syringenin-4'-O-apiosyl-l^2-glucoside (syringoside), syringaresinol-4,4'-O-glucoside, the dimeric phenylpropanoids (lignans) 4''-di-O-glucoside (eleutheroside E) and syringaresinol-mono-O-glucoside were isolated. The isolated compounds, especially syringin and its aglykon syringenin are suitable for the HPLC- or HPTLC-fingerprint analysis of alcoholic or aqueous Viscum album extracts (see Lorch, this book).

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