The existence of flavonoids in Viscum album has been described by Schindler (1955); a recent overview was given by Teuscher (1994). The following flavonoid glycosides were isolated by Becker et al. (Becker et al., 1978; Becker and Exner, 1980) and Fukunaga et al. (1987):

2'-Hydroxy-4' ,6' -dimethoxychalcone-4-O-glucoside


2' -Hydroxy-4' ,6 '-dimethoxychalcone-4-O [apiosyl-(1^2)]glucoside





The aglyca homoeriodyctiol, sakuranetin, rhamnazin, isorhamnetin and further six quercetin methylethers were detected in an extract of Viscum album subspecies abietis after hydrolysis by Becker and Lorch, respectively (Becker and Exner, 1980; Lorch, 1993). In the subspecies of Viscum album subspecies laxum 5-quercetin methylether, 5,7-Dimethoxy-4'-hydroxyflavon and sakuranetin were detected. Some other flavonoids were detected in V. album ssp. coloratum and other subspecies (see Becker and Park, this book).

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