Preface to the Series ix

Preface xi

Contributors xiii

1. Introduction: History of Mistletoe Uses 1 Arndt Büssing

2. Viscum in the Context of its Family, Viscaceae, and its Diversity in Africa 7 Donald W.Kirkup, Roger M.Polhill and Delbert Wiens

3. European Mistletoe: Taxonomy, Host Trees, Parts Used, Physiology 31 Hans Becker

4. Korean Mistletoes and Other East-Asian Populations 45 Won-Bong Park

5. Mistletoes from Argentina. Ligaria cuneifolia var. cuneifolia as a Substitute for the European Mistletoe (Viscum album L.) 61 Teresa B.Fernández, Beatriz G.Varela, Carlos A.Taira, Rafael A.Ricco, Alberto A.Gurni, Silvia E.Hajos, Elida M.C.Alvarez and Marcelo L.Wagner

6. Cultivation and Development of Viscum album L. 75 Hartmut Ramm, Konrad Urech, Markus Scheibler and

Gianfranco Grazi

7. The Biotechnology of Viscum album L.: Tissue Culture, Somatic Embryogenesis and Protoplast Isolation 95 Spiridon Kintzios and Maria Barberaki

8. Chemical Constituents of European Mistletoe (Viscum album L.) Isolation and Characterisation of the Main Relevant Ingredients:

Lectins, Viscotoxins, Oligo-/polysaccharides, Flavonoides, Alkaloids 101 Uwe Pfüller

9. Biological and Pharmacological Properties of Viscum album L.

From Tissue flask to Man 123

Arndt Büssing

10. Toxicology of Mistletoe and their Components 183 Gerburg M.Stein

11. Adverse Effects during Therapy with Mistletoe Extracts 195 Gerburg M.Stein and Peter A.Berg

12. Overview on Viscum album L. Products 209 Arndt Büssing

13. Pharmaceutical Quality Control of Mistletoe Preparations 223 Elmar Lorch and Wilfried Tröger

14. Natural Versus Recombinant Mistletoe Lectin-1. Market Trends 237 Josef Beuth

15. The Magic Potion becomes Serious: Whole Plant Extracts vs. Defined Components 247 Gerburg M.Stein and Michael Schietzel

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