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To treat hypertension and arteriosclerosis, it was recommended to extract Viscum album in cold water overnight (1 tea spoon of the drug per cup of water) and to drink this drug three times a day (Ripperger, 1937), while others used 30-40 g of the drug applied in 1 1 wine (Pic and Bonnamour, 1923). Several reports indicate beneficial effects of Viscum album treatment in patients with hypertension (Goetsch, 1930; Strauss, 1931; Orlowski, 1932; Mattausch, 1938), however, most of them are retrospective treatment observations without clear descriptions of the results or treated patients.

In a study reported by Pora et al. (1957), 100 patients with hypertension were treated for 14 days with 1 g of a powder from leaves of a mistletoe grown on Malus domestica. In response to the treatment, the blood pressure markedly decreased (however, only data from 7 and 9 patients were presented), and the patients general well-being increased. In none of the patients, cardiac or respiratory side-effects were observed.

In an open study including 120 patients with slight or medium hypertension, oral application of (unspecified) VA-E resulted in a significant decrease of the systolic blood pressure (12 to 15 mm Hg) within 6 weeks of treatment, while the heart frequency did not change (Braunig et al., 1993). Drops (600 mg of a drug not further defined), juice (2,700 mg) and tablets (2,850 mg) were the same effective.

Due to the lack of clearly described studies, the evaluation of data on the blood pressure reducing properties of VA-E is unsatisfactory. It was stated that mistletoe treatment of hypertension did not result in rapid release of symptoms and is effective only by long-term treatment (Mattausch, 1938). Since in most cases a significant and stable reduction of high blood pressure is required, the clinical relevance of the mild anti-hypertensive effects of orally applied VA-E remains unclear.

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