Ozone Therapy Intradiscal and Foraminal Injections of O2O3 Mixture

This technique is used mostly in Italy and Germany. The mechanism of action of O2-O3 mixture could be a direct effect on mucopolysaccharides with dehydration and shrinkage of the disc (Fig. 2). Other possible actions include an oxydative stress reduction of the cell-mediated process with inhibition of proteinase release, increase in immunosuppressor cytokines, and inhibition of inflammation and pain mediators (8).

Four milliliters of the O2-O3 mixture at a concentration of 27 to 30 mcg/mL are injected into the NP and 8 mL in the periradicular space through the same needle. Andreula et al. obtained 70.3% good and excellent results (Mac Nab criteria) in their experience on 300 patients (9).

FIGURE 2 Ozone therapy.

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