Clinical Results

Pain relief is the main clinical result of this procedure and should be experienced by three hours to four days (mean, 24 hours) in most patients (87.5% of our cases) (4,5). Rapid improvement in

FIGURE 1 Acetabular osteoplasty in a patient with metastasis. Bone cement fills the acetabular roof. However, there is a risk of acetabular protrusion due to the presence of an osteolysis of the quadrilateral surface, which cannot be filled by the cement.

ambulation (within one to four days) is the secondary advantage of this technique. This improvement was seen in all our patients and even those who were previously bedridden (4). It is very likely that pain relief provided by cement injection plays a fundamental role in improvement in walking, but filling in of lytic lesions by cement (although usually incomplete) also plays a role in better distributing mechanical forces. It is important to stress that improved walking and pain relief do not seem directly proportional to the quality of lesion filling. In some cases, despite what appeared to be quite insufficient filling of the lesion, excellent clinical and functional results were obtained (4). The best results occur in patients with more limited osteolysis.

Because of the rapid clinical response (pain and ambulation) to cementoplasty, the hospi-talization time is short (mean, four days), especially important in patients with a limited life expectancy. This procedure has to be complemented by radiation therapy, which further prevents tumor growth, decreases pain, and aids walking while preserving the mechanical integrity of the bone cement. At short-term and mid-term follow-up, clinical improvement seems to be maintained unless the lytic lesion progresses or extends further into bone or soft tissue. It may be difficult to differentiate clinical improvement related to cementoplasty from that caused by radiation therapy.

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