Imageguided Tumor Ablation Modalities

There are a variety of different tumor ablation modalities available (44). These can be divided into the heat-based technologies [i.e. RF, microwave (MW), high-intensity focused US, and laser] and cryoablation. RF ablation and cryoablation are the most mature technologies and are the most extensively studied and clinically applied techniques. The other technologies are in development and have attributes that may prove beneficial as the technology continues to evolve. This section details the various technologies and their relative strengths and weaknesses. At present, clinical experience is too limited to establish one technology as clearly superior to any other. Therefore, the choice of which ablation modality to use in a particular case should be based upon the individual's comfort level with an ablation technology and the requirements of a given case.

10 Ways To Fight Off Cancer

10 Ways To Fight Off Cancer

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