Foreword I

It is indeed a pleasure and honor to be asked to write this foreword to an outstanding textbook on external auditory canal, middle ear, and mastoid surgery. I have truly enjoyed the opportunity to review the outstanding chapters. Having grown up with the many developments in middle ear and mastoid surgery over the past 30 years I have particularly enjoyed the opportunity to review and compare various surgical techniques and approaches that are eloquently described in this text. This textbook addresses solutions to the multitude of problems that present to the otolaryngologist on a daily basis.

Of particular interest is that experts in the field write the chapters. These authors are able to concisely explain and illustrate their techniques. I also found it interesting and exciting to know that many of these authors studied with the great professors of the past and therefore are able to bring a personal perspective to the surgery of the ear. They present the problem, discuss the evaluation of the patient, and describe in detail their surgical technique. It becomes clear that there are many ways to approach the same disease process. This textbook offers the opportunity to compare and contrast these various procedures. Even though I have seen and done most of these techniques, I found reviewing the material has helped me to understand the differences, advantages, and disadvantages of all these techniques.

By concentrating on the external ear, middle ear, and mastoid, one is able to understand the disease process and surgery that comprise over 90% of the total ear surgery performed today.

This text offers the resident, as well as the practicing physician and the professor, the opportunity to have a basic knowledge and understanding of external ear, middle ear, and mastoid surgery. The textbook is laid out in a well-organized manor, beginning with basic chronic ear surgery and progressing to the more unusual external ear problems and finally the less common labyrinthectomy, middle ear, and cochlear implants.

In summary, the Editor, Dr. Rex Haberman, is to be congratulated on assembling an outstanding group of authors and organizing this well-written and illustrated textbook. This text will be must reading for all those who desire to learn and understand external, middle ear, and mastoid surgery.

House Ear Clinic Los Angeles, California

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