Drug Interactions

• Salicylates • Vaccines • Toxoids


• 125 mg single dose vial

• 500 mg vial with diluent

• 1 g vial with diluent

• 250 mg to 1000 mg at time of transplantation and for next 2 to 3 doses


• Start at 2 mg/kg/d, taper to a range of 0.15 mg/kg/d to 0.2 mg/kg/d after one year

Attenuation of Cytokine Release Syndrome

• 8 mg/kg given 1 to 4 hours prior to first injection of muromonab-CD3

Editors' Notes:

Multiple different regimens of methylprednisolone have been utilized to treat rejection. The initial higher doses are the most important in controlling rejection. It is unclear whether prolonged tapering of steroids following rejection is of value.

Appendix I 603


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