Ry Protea- Mitochondial

C J some apoptosis lucleosornal Jf k

Degradation S T

GNA Synthesis Control c-fos ^ c-myc t* Basal _ Transcription ~

p53 Otwapressors

Jfc J PAXSPPARf Menin? f fusion gene product

Nucteosornal Degradation

Hstone Modification & DNA Methylation Systems

Hstone Modification & DNA Methylation Systems

Transcription ai Modulation

Transcription ai Modulation

Death Receptors


"Generic" cell stressors

Cell-cell Interactions/ Anoikis

Figure 1. Membrane receptor-dependent signaling pathways involved in the regulation ofthyrocyte growth, function, and differentiation. Cross-interacting circuits have been omitted for clarity purposes. Changes in specific elements of the above pathways are intimiately associated with TC development, propagation, "aggressiveness", morphologic phenotype, and acquisition of metastatic potential. For more details, refer to the text. All abbreviations are defined in the text, as well as in the List of Abbreviations. Boxes of different colors designate functional categories of the various molecules or pathways.

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