The Natural Thyroid Diet

The Natural Thyroid Diet

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10 adenomas

3 FTC / 5 PTC 1 squamous carcinoma

B, benign thyroid tumors; C, thyroid carcinomas; PTC, papillary thyroid carcinoma; FTC, follicular thyroid carcinoma. Parathyroid carcinomas (P) were also induced: squamous cell carcinomas of the cervical soft tissue and adenocarcinomas of salivary and immunohistochemistry. The following parameters were detected: follicles/mm2, colloid diameter, index of fibrosis, proliferation rate and number of tumors.


Iodine-dependent changes without radiation:

Iodine deficiency led to lower daily growth rates and a significantly lower final mean body weight of430g (I-) vs. 501g (In) vs. 475g (I+). The growth process was finished after 18 weeks in I+ and after 21 weeks in In and I-. Long-term iodine deficiency significantly decreased plasma T3 and T4 concentrations after week 9. In contrast, the high iodine diet did not change thyroid function. All changes manifested themselves in alterations in thyroid morphology. Iodine deficiency was associated with significantly large, but fewer, follicles, whereas the high iodine diet led to a significant decrease in the diameter, but to an increase in the number of follicles. The mitotic activity of thyrocytes was very low under normal iodine intake conditions (<1 ±0.2%). Not only iodine deficiency, but also higher iodine intake significantly increased proliferation

Figure 2. Changes of T3, T4 and TSH plasma concentrations in rats without (A) and after radiation with 4Gy (B) under normal nutrition iodine conditions (white circle (o)), iodine deficiency (black circles (•)) and iodine supplementation (black triangles (A)).

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