MEN2A/FMTC with Hirschsprung's disease 397

MEN2B 397 diagnosis and management of 404-06 diagnosis and prediction of 419-20 genetics of 418-19

genotype-based management in 417-25 mutations, location of 398 syndromes 386

syndromes RET mutations in 397-99 RET mutation testing 420 MEN2A (multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2A) RET in 398, 390 cancer syndrome 389 MEN2B (multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2B) RET in 390, 401 cancer syndrome 389 thyroidectomy in 404 clinical features characteristic of 401 MEN2/HSCR paradox 402-03 mental retardation 170 mercury-201 329 MET oncogene 110, 211-12 metastasis 14 disease 310

lung of RRfiPV/PV 171 melanoma 306 metastatic papillary thyroid cancer treatment for

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