AA (arachidonic acid) 241 ABC (ATP-binding cassette) 362 absence of enteric ganglia 393 activating RET mutations 384 acute myelogenous leukemia 95 acute myeloid leukaemia 209 additional antitumor antibiotics 361 adenocarcinomas 282 adenoma 27, 275, 278

histopathological diagnosis of 47 adenomatoid nodules 25 adenosine analog 358 adenovirus recombinant 370 replication, essential for 374 vector 372 adenylyl cyclase 242 adrenal chromaffin cells 417 adrenal medulla ganglioneuromas of the 401 adrenal tumors 50 adrenomedullin 267 age exposure 115

AIT (apical iodide transporter) 230 AKT 10 AKT2 11

alkyl sulfphonate 359 alkylating agent 359 allyl-geldanamycin 406 allythiourea 274

ALT (alternative lengthening of telomeres) 6,

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