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Constitutional Chromosomal Abnormalities

Microsatellite Instability

Klinefelter syndrome is also present in about 1 in 1000 births. The vast majority of patients have a 47,XXY karyotype, but 46,XX 47,XXY mosaics and Klinefelter variants with a 48,XXYY karyotype also occur. Affected individuals tend to be tall and slim in childhood, but have a tendency toward obesity as adults if not given testosterone replacement therapy. They have testicular atrophy with azoospermia and are infertile. Some develop gynecomastia and have an increased incidence of breast cancer. Intelligence quotients (IQs) are generally somewhat lower than normal, but the range is wide.

Cremaster Muscle Model for Tumor Implantation

Cremaster muscle Thin (200 microns) skeletal muscle covering testicles. Innervated by the genitofemoral nerve and vascular supply provided by pudic-epigastric vessels. Because of its thin muscle layers, the cremaster may be transilluminated and used for intravital microscopic observations.

Substances reducing the rate of de novo lipogenesis and their possible therapeutic potential for the control of obesity

Finally, so far it is unclear whether long-term HCA treatment may have adverse effects. Most animal studies indicate that HCA is a safe, natural supplement that does not cause any changes in major organs or in hematol-ogy, clinical chemistry and histopathology (Ohia et al. 2002 Shara et al. 2004 Soni et al. 2004 Oikawa et al. 2005). However, in one study a high dose of HCA caused potent testicular atrophy and toxicity (Saito et al. 2005), and we recently observed that long-term application of HCA increased liver lipid content and plasma cholesterol levels in rats (Brandt et al. 2006). One explanation for the unexpected effects of HCA on lipid metabolism might be that HCA stimulates the enzyme ACC (Hackenschmidt et al. 1972). Thus, HCA acts as an inhibitor of DNL only if cytoplasmatic acetyl-CoA is produced by the citrate cleavage enzyme reaction, whereas HCA will not affect (Zambell et al. 2003) or even activate fatty acid synthesis whenever an alternative source of cytoplasmatic...

Wacetylaspartylglutamate Naag

Immunocytochemical as well as in situ hybridization studies demonstrate that GCPII is selectively expressed in astrocytes in the brain with an uneven regional distribution.38, 39 Particularly high levels of expression are observed in the Bergmann glial cells. It is also expressed in non-myelating Schwann cells in the periphery, including those surrounding motor neuron terminals at the end plate.40 In the periphery, GCPII is expressed in the testicles and in the tubules of the kidney. However, the exclusive role of GCPII in the hydrolysis of NAAG has been called into question by studies in mice homozygous for a null mutation of the GCPII gene. The brains of these mice exhibit a residual of 15 GCPII-like enzyme activity with no alterations observed in the levels of NAAG, NAA, glutamate or aspartate.41 Recently, a second gene with high homology to GCPII has been cloned.42, 43

Reproductive Endocrine Function Ovarian Dysfunction

Leydig cell failure with androgen insufficiency has also been described but is seen infrequently and only following high-dose irradiation ( 2000 cGy) administered directly to the testicles (Sklar 1999). Compensated Leydig cell dysfunction (i.e., normal testosterone combined with elevated LH levels) is common after chemotherapy with alkylating agents and lower-dose radiation therapy. The patients are usually asymptomatic and usually progress normally through puberty (Sklar 1999).

Testicle Shrinkage Treatment

Very Small Testicular Size

It is most common among men between the ages of 20 and 35. Two groups are particularly susceptible men whose testicles descended into the scrotum after age 6, and men whose testicles never descended. Men who were born with low birth weight are also at higher risk. If the disease is diagnosed early, survival from testicular cancer is better than 90 percent. It is extremely important for a man to perform testicular self-examination on a monthly basis (see Figure 12.4). You need to become familiar with the usual size, shape, and consistency of your testicles. They should be smooth, egg-shaped, and firm. Also note the color of your scrotum, the sac of skin that holds your testicles. Do not be alarmed if one testicle is larger than the other. This is normal. You may also feel a cordlike structure on the top and back of each testicle. This is the epididymis. Try to perform your self-examination after a warm bath or shower because the scrotal skin is looser at the time....

Hormone Receptor Targeted Therapies

Normal prostate cells and tumor cells are sensitive to androgens, which are produced by two major sources the testicles, which produce testosterone (95 of all androgens), and the adrenal glands, which produce dehydroandrosterone, dehy-droandrosterone sulfate, and androstenedione. Both are under the influence of luteinizing hormone (LH), which in turn is controlled by GnRH produced by the hypothalamus. Testosterone levels have a negative feedback effect on GnRH release from the hypothalamus. Targeted endocrine medical treatment of prostate cancers aims to decrease the activity of androgens on the AR, either with antiandrogens (i.e., nonsteroidal agents such as flutamide, biclutamide) that competitively block dihydrotestosterone (DHT) binding to AR, and subsequent activation of AR-regulated genes, or by suppression of LH secretion (i.e., using specific LH agonists that ultimately inhibit LH secretion, thus reducing androgen production).

Nutritional Ergogenic Agents

No benefits demonstrated may cause testosterone production to decline and shrinking of the testicles may cause light-headedness, aggression, nausea, vomiting, headaches, depression, lethargy, rashes, acne, and virilization in females. Some may increase risk of developing cancer. Andro group and other steroid alternatives are banned by the military.

Clinical Utility of Testing

For developmentally delayed children, FMR1 molecular testing is diagnostic, as FXS affects development from infancy. However, the nonspecific nature of FXS during early development makes the testing approach one of ruling out FXS in most situations. The hallmark finding in almost all patients with FXS is MR, but the physical and behavioral features of males with FXS are variable prior to puberty. Physical features not readily recognizable in preschool-age boys become more obvious with age long face, prominent forehead, large ears, prominent jaw, and enlarged testicles (macroorchidism). Motor milestones and speech are frequently delayed, and temperament often is affected (e.g., hyperactivity, hand flapping, hand biting, temper tantrums, and occasionally autism). Females with FXS usually have milder manifestations and as a result are more difficult to diagnose clinically. FXS always should be suspected in males with mild to moderate MR and females with mild MR until shown otherwise by...

Kennedy Disease Molecular Basis of Disease

Spinal and bulbar muscular atrophy (SBMA), or Kennedy disease, is a rare X-linked, slowly progressive, adult-onset motor neuropathy.41 The age of onset is usually between 30 and 50 years and is characterized by muscle cramps, proximal and bulbar weakness, and fasciculation. Endocrine abnormalities, including gynecomastia and testicular atrophy, are common. The disease is caused by a CAG trin-ucleotide repeat expansion in the coding region of the androgen receptor gene (AR).42,43 The CAG repeat found within the first exon is polymorphic in normal populations, and ranges in length from 10 to 36 repeats. Patients with SBMA have a CAG repeat expansion that does not overlap with the normal population and ranges from 40 to 62 repeats. Similarly to other trinucleotide repeat disorders, the CAG repeat length correlates with disease severity and age of onset. However, considerable variability in age of onset is seen among family members with similar

Identification of the male sex

Up until the beginning of the last century it was generally believed that in humans sex was determined by environmental factors such as maternal nutrition. With the discovery of the human X and Y chromosomes in the early 1920s (Painter, 1923) it was first assumed that the number of X chromosomes determined the sex of a human individual. It took an additional 36 years to establish that sex determination in humans and other mammals is independent from the number of X chromosomes and that the presence of the Y chromosome is responsible for the male sex (Jacobs and Strong, 1959). During more than three decades of continued, intensive research into the molecular basis of human male sex determination, a series of putative candidate sequences on the human Y chromosome have been established, e.g. simple repetitive sequences (Epplen et al., 1983 Kiel-Metzger et al., 1985). Finally in the early 1990s the so-called 'sex determining region Y' or SRY gene (Sinclair et al., 1990) was identified and...

Endocrine Disturbances

Chronic alcoholism can also affect gonadal function and lead to testicular atrophy, gynaecomastia (enlargement of male breasts) and sterility. It is not known what the exact mechanism for these changes is, but it is thought to be a result of reduced liver function. This reduced liver function decreases the rate of metabolism of female sex hormones, thereby leading to an increased level of circulating oestrogens. A second mechanism is thought to be that alcohol reduces synthesis of testosterone (18). Testosterone synthesis involves many steps and some of the intermediates may be dependent on the NAD + NADH concentration ratio which, as has already been discussed, is affected by alcohol consumption.

Microcheck 244

Herpes simplex is characterized by acute infection followed by lifelong latency and the possibility of recurrent disease. Infectious virus is often present in saliva in the absence of symptoms. Mumps virus infections characteristically cause enlargement of the parotid glands, but they can involve the brain, testicles, and ovaries, and cause miscarriages. Mumps is a good candidate for eradication. Fever, headache, loss of appetite, typically followed by painful swelling of one or both parotid glands. Painful enlargement of the testicles, pelvic pain in women, and symptoms arising from brain involvement are likely to occur in individuals past the age of puberty


Cyclical changes in a) FSH secretion and testicular size, and b) PRL secretion and wool growth in Soay rams exposed to alternating 16 weekly periods of long (16L 8D) and short days (8L 16D).The timing of the phases of aggressive behaviour (rut) and the pelage moult (horizontal bar) are also shown (32). Figure 1. Cyclical changes in a) FSH secretion and testicular size, and b) PRL secretion and wool growth in Soay rams exposed to alternating 16 weekly periods of long (16L 8D) and short days (8L 16D).The timing of the phases of aggressive behaviour (rut) and the pelage moult (horizontal bar) are also shown (32).

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