The Site Of Ptv Generation And Caz Precursor Formation

If PTVs carry unitary sets of CAZ molecules on their cytoplasmic surface, and possibly also of active zone transmembrane proteins, where are these units generated and how are they packaged onto nascent PTVs? Recent data suggest that formation of CAZ-precursor complexes may already occur at the level of the trans-Golgi-network (TGN): Bassoon and Piccolo, bona fide CAZ markers, are associated with a subcompartment of the TGN. Blocking vesicle biogenesis at the level of the Golgi apparatus prevents axonal trafficking of Bassoon and Piccolo, and causes retention of these CAZ proteins in the neuronal soma. Likewise, perturbing Golgi association of Bassoon specifically by blocking its Golgi association capacity prevents trafficking of Bassoon to synapses47. The apparent importance of Golgi association and vesicle-based transport for axonal transtransport and for synaptic delivery of Bassoon and Piccolo is intriguing in view of the nature of CAZ proteins as nontransmembrane proteins, for which a necessity for vesicle association is not obvious per se. One reason for this pathway could be that active zone generation demanded an event of simultaneous packaging of CAZ molecules during vesicle biogenesis, e.g., to ensure a more or less fixed ratio of distinct molecules per vesicle.

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