Synaptogenic Program Suppresses Neurite Outgrowth

It is generally believed that contact between growth cones from pre- and post-synaptic neurons results in the cessation of neurite outgrowth and the formation of specific synaptic contacts. It is therefore generally believed that neurite outgrowth and synapse formation may be two reciprocally inhibitory programs. Nowhere else is it better illustrated than in the soma-soma model. Single identified neurons plated in CM exhibit extensive sprouting, whereas identical neurons maintained in CM and paired with a specific synaptic partner failed to extend processes34. This suppression of neurite outgrowth from soma-soma paired cells is however transient and as the synapse matures fully, the neurons begin extending process in a manner similar to their single counterparts34. The snail model thus provides a clear evidence for direct, inhibitory interactions between neurite outgrowth and synapse formation.

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