R451C, 120-122

R6/2 HD mice, 460

Rab 3-interacting molecule, 54, 88,

107, 243 Rab Proteins, 371-373 Rab5-regulated endosomes, 74 Radioimmunoassay, 435

rapsyn gene, 18 knockouts, 18 RAS guanine nucleotide exchange factor, 265 Ras/extracellular signal-regulated protein kinase, 339 RasGEF, see RAS guanine nucleotide exchange factor Receptor protein tyrosine phosphatases, 52 Red fluorescence protein, 367 Reeler mice, 174 Reelin receptors of, 174 in synaptic maturation, 174-175 in synaptogenesis, 174 Retinal ganglion cells, 188, 301 Rett syndrome, 412 RFP, see Red fluorescence protein RGC, see Retinal ganglion cells RHO GTPases, 250-252

divergence of pathways in, 252-253 Ribbon synapses, 5 Right Pedal Doral 1, 33 RIM, see Rab 3-interacting molecule RNA interference, 48 RNAi, see RNA interference Rohon-Beard neurons, 88 Rohon-Beard synapses, 89 Rostroventral medulla, 379 RPeD1, see Right Pedal Doral 1 RPTP, see Receptor protein tyrosine phosphatases RVM, see Rostroventral medulla

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